Online Security

Your Security is Important to Us

Zurich Cantonal Bank and Bern is committed to your online protection. We consistently strive to provide our customers with the highest level of on-line security protection available. Our security controls include:

  • Password requirements for complex passwords that are¬†should be changed regularly.
  • Security questions that require answers that a hacker is unlikely to know.
  • Watermark picture to verify website authenticity.
  • Limiting money transfers to accounts with the same ownership.
  • Wire transfers or ACH originations are not allowed online.
  • Online bill payments are monitored for unusual activities.
  • Monitoring of online user patterns that activate security questions if the account is accessed from a different computer.
  • E-mail messages available to alert you to account activity.
  • Well trained employees who are held to strict standards to protect your private information.

Our customers are encouraged to help protect themselves by following the following precautions:

  • Install up-to-date virus, spyware and malware protection software.
  • Install a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your computer.
  • Create a strong password that uses a combination of letters and characters. Do not use common words, names, birthdates, phone numbers, or other passwords that might be easily guessed.
  • Never give your username or password to anyone to use.
  • Keep your passwords secret and do not leave them in an unsecure area.
  • Change your password immediately if you feel someone else might have access to it.
  • Beware of phishing e-mails directing you to follow the provided link to access or change your information.
  • Never leave your computer logged on to the online banking site.
  • Never give account numbers or confidential information out in any transaction you did not originate.
  • Never respond to banners or pop-ups on your computer.
  • Never respond to e-mails that request your confidential information.
  • Never share personal information, especially account numbers, passwords, social security number, etc. over e-mail.
  • Review transactions on your account regularly and contact the bank immediately if you do not recognize a transaction.
  • Sign up for e-mail messages to alert you to account activity.
  • Keep your computer software and internet browser current.
  • Verify that you are using a secured website before initiating any transactions.
  • Erase the hard drive before discarding an old computer.
  • Shred sensitive documents before disposal.

Zurich Cantonal Bank will NEVER contact you by phone or e-mail to ask for your confidential information. If, for any reason, you feel that your account information may have been compromised, please contact a member of our staff immediately at or .

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